Work in progress: "Happy Cats" Painting

I'm working on this new Happy Cats painting on a large canvas. A lot of drawings have been done on bookpaper and it makes a neat effect. With this large Happy Cats painting I'm taking the books Around The World In 80 Days and Great Expectations and cutting out the words to string into sentences.

Will Hoffman cutting out words out of book pages.
Thanks to Shannon Ford, not only did she provide me with this large canvas to work with but she also gave me valuable artist advice.

Mixed Media Happy Cats by Will Hoffman
Here is that same canvas of two happy cats with orangey yellows and turquoise and deep blues.
Words from paperback novels cut into sentences
Here's a close up so you can see some of the words strung together, it's really tricky to do!

This mixed media painting is still a work in progress, I hope it makes you happy!

Fun Art Event

New work by WILL HOFFMAN and JON PELLETIER Saturday Dec.13th from 11:00am-5:00pm at the Cannery Trade Centre.

Will Hoffman is a compulsive doodler with his work being described as Street Art meets Picasso. In 2010 he won the Best-Overall at the Re-Imagine Art Festival, winning the $1,000 prize. Will had his first solo exhibition "Always Changing Clothing" at Penticton Art Gallery in 2011. Selling over 100 artworks in the past 5 years, his signature style is visible through whatever medium he uses whether acrylic, spray paint, or digital tablet. Currently working as an Intern at the Shatford Centre, he plans on attending art school on Vancouver Island next fall.

Jon Pelletier is an abstract impressionist drawing upon elements of surrealism. Jon, coined by ShawTV as "Man about town", is a founding board member of Peach City Radio. An accomplished musician, Jon is making his mark in the visual arts world. In 2013, he collaborated on Will Hoffman's installation "Dick Cheney's 1982 Apartment" as part of the Central Okanagan Art Council's "Into the Subconscious" exhibition. Jon also records a weekly Radio program "Craft Club Radio 1" which is syndicated through Peach City Radio. When Jon is not recording music, painting or working on his radio show he's making experimental YouTube videos.

Fun Art Event will be an opportunity to see new work by the artists and takes place at Dependent Origination Studios located in the Cannery in Room 137, Penticton. Free admission and parking.

Contact: for more information

Special Note: This art opening is on a second floor in the Cannery and is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

RSVP on Facebook:
Dependent Origination Studios Penticton
Poster for Fun Art Event, Jon Pelletier handpainted the background which was then scanned with highlights and digital editing by Will Hoffman.

Open Studio November 15th 2014

New works by Will Hoffman will be on display at Dependent Origination Studio
I'm excited about the Open Studio on November 15th 2014 at Dependent Origination Studio in the Cannery. Jon has cranked out a few new pieces and I have been in quite a groove getting the paint on the canvas. Hoping for a good turn out!

It's from 1:00-5:00pm, tell your girlfriend, tell the mayor, tell your best friends niece to come on down!

Harvest Time in the Okanagan

Today was the first day of harvest for me, great to be surrounded by friends and great weather! Harvest is just around the corner with different properties and varieties trickling in. I'm slightly on edge and hoping to get some good work in before the seasons over.
Artist Will Hoffman working in the vineyard
Merlot being picked in Summerland BC. Photo courtesy of Damaya Hoffman.

Dependent Origination Studio

Sept Acrylic on Bookpaper
So I got the space! Jon and I cleared out the room of all the unnecessary stuff and limited it to 2 foldable desks and stuff to paint on and stuff to paint with. There is an Open Studio date slated for November 15th, a time to check out all the cool stuff happening here!

Sept Acrylic on Bookpaper

Will Hoffman artist extraordinaire in the new studio.

Artist Jon Pelletier works on a masterpiece.

September Update: Getting some studio space!

Exciting news, I'm going to have studio space at the Cannery this winter! Jon Pelletier and I are sharing a studio which we will be doing painting in. In the meantime I've been cranking out smaller paintings in a trailer that are 8"x10" when there is a slowdown in work at the vineyard. It seems like a turning point for me for an artist to finally get a space where this creative expression can take place!

There are two new pieces that are finally finished and available in the online shop! So far $1,500 has been saved towards my artschool tuition of $5,885!

Will Hoffman Penticton Artist
"Dreams of Happy Cats" 10"x8" Acrylic on Canvas Board by Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman Penticton Artist
"Cheer Up" 8"x10" Acrylic and Bookpaper on Canvas Board

August Update

Slowly and surely I'm getting towards the goal for my art school fund! I have decided to take art school on Vancouver Island. I have received $1,000 from a friend and am putting it towards my tuition! Also a friend has recently bought a piece of artwork to be delivered in Penticton! I'm working hard in the vineyard just finished tucking the vines into the top wires and pulling out the shoots poking out into the rows. The trailer I'm staying in is heating up, Maki and I are going to stay for harvest and then see about getting a place in Penticton. Once again thanks everyone for supporting me and catch you later!