New Song "High As I Was Dead" by Jon Pelletier

I was surprised to see that musician Jon Pelletier uploaded a new song to SoundCloud called "High As I Was Dead", check out more of Penticton's "Man about town":

Farewell to Nova Scotia! A fall and winter in Nova Scotia!

peggy's cove yo!
Peggy's Cove with it's alien landscape, a popular destination.
We left on our adventure from West Kelowna BC working in a vineyard and doing leaf thinning, we were able to save enough gas money to travel to Halifax at the end of August. Unable to find an affordable place to stay in Halifax we traveled to Cape Breton Island.

Taking a break from driving.
We worked at an Inn for 3 months and stayed in one of the cabins! The property was huge! Horses, a donkey, blueberry fields, it even had it's own landing strip for private planes. I learned how to chop wood, drive an ATV, drive a 4x4 pickup, harvest vegetables, make blueberry juice and set up a mean barnyard fiddle concert. Although the work was tough at times it was hard to complain with the beautiful changing call colours on the Cabot Trail. More information on that coming soon.

A break from work, Inverness Beach on Cape Breton Island.
To generalize the "Capers" were more traditional and took part in tap dancing, fiddle music and square dancing. They had pride for their island as I had never seen in Canada. They had a different different way of speaking. If I said something to co-workers they would respond with drawn out ascending "Huuuuh". Some said "huh" after nearly every end of breath in a conversation. While I found it rude at first I learned it was equivalent to "eh". They also used the word "You'se" when referring to more than one person, for example one lady said "You'se is gonna have to take a lotta pictures before you'se go".

When the Inn started to close for the season, long term monthly rentals opened up in Halifax at the HI Hostel.

Maki inside our cabin on Cape Breton Island.
Sydney NS home of the "Worlds Biggest Violin" and viral YouTube weatherman Frankie MacDonald!
Our winter in Halifax was one of the best ever! The first day there was the day of an amazing and magical art festival called Nocturne. We met lots of people at the hostel! The hostel would host dinners on Sunday's with a different food theme every week. The hostellers gathered for different things like a pumpkin carving contest, Christmas Day polar bear dip, skating at the outdoor oval rink, eating a peanut butter burger. I struggled to find work and found odd jobs through a temp agency. It was after all a place with not the best employment rate, and not the best season to be looking for work. Things we liked in Halifax were Trident Cafe, Point Pleasant Park, the Seaport Market, the historic Farmers Market. It was a stimulating winter in Halifax with no shortage of things to do in the city.

Taking the ferry from Halifax to neighbouring city Dartmouth for the Christkindl Market.

Big group dinners at the Hi Halifax, a hostel in a great location.

The icey cold water on Christmas Day.

We will be leaving to BC on March 1st as the spring season will be arriving sooner and the monthly rentals end April 1st at HI Halifax. We will most likely drive through the states as we assume it will be warmer and less snowy.
Halcon is a massive annual Sci-fi videogame geek culture convention.
Drunken lampposts sculpture, one lamppost has fallen down while the other one worries. The one at the very back of the photo is peeing over the edge with a real fountain stream of water flowing out its spout. The lamps also function as real streetlights, as the sun goes down the lights on the lamps turn on. The installations "Fountain" and "Got Drunk, Fell Down" were constructed by artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg.

The Drive Home. Click to enlarge. Map courtesy of Google Maps.
Words and cellphone pictures will not ever give the full experience, but it's fun to share. We would have liked to check out Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. Wolfville is also a great little town, laid back and pretty hip.

Book: Tales from the Heart

For the last year I have been noting the most key life-changing, perspective-shifting events to happen to me thus far in my life to include in a possible book. Today was the first major day with writing and I expanded on stories with the following topics:

Kind acts done to me

Loving acts done for others

Beauty in strange places

Learning to trust yourself

Daily realizations

Completely unpredictable outcomes

The book is tentatively called "Tales From the Heart", more specific details are yet to be released as the book starts to set into something more concrete.

ManWoman's Spiritual Awakening "The Real Me Was Never Born"

Cranbrook BC artist ManWoman talks about his spiritual awakening and his art which expresses his soul.

Expect the Unexpected

In kind of a silly way, a child-like way, I had a feeling of hope, what could be in my email box today?

I tapped the email app button on my smartphone, it was like my mind was crossing its fingers in anticipation, for what I don't know!

Two new emails appeared to notify that two of my original artworks "Friendz" and "Mouseys come for a story" had sold at the online shop!

It's such a great experience to make art, to put on the finishing touches, to present and share it. Then to have it be valued by someone else to bring it into their home is a blessing.

Thank you from my heart, for your support! The funds raised will go to my art school tuition!

Saturday Art and Music

After a great walk to the Seaport Farmers Market with Maki I came home and listened to some music. I ended up listening to Kool AD's latest mixtape called Not OK, it features the flavour of the old school hiphop re-energized in a new way. In this art & music groove some cool things happened!
Finished the outline of the drawing and now filling in the background.
Cutting of the excess ripped portion of the paper for a clean line.
The first of the two that turn out great!
"Mouseys come for a story" is now in its finished form and is ready for the shop!

"Friendz" the second of the drawing session to turn out really well.
A mixed media work on paper done, the oil-based yellow really pops out well, look for it in the shop too!
"Just Another Platform" This painting was done with multiple layers and has quite a substantial feel to it.
This is my second painting to be added to the shop.

With this close up you can see more subtle details added.

The yellow squiggly lines add some vibrancy to the text.

Notable Meditators

Steve Jobs, that guy that started Apple Computers speaks in his official biography:

“If you just sit and observe, you will see how restless your mind is. If you try to calm it, it only makes it worse, but over time it does calm, and when it does, there's room to hear more subtle things - that's when your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It's a discipline; you have to practice it.”

Bill Clinton reportedly has his own personal monk to teach him meditation.

Jet Li the 5 time martial arts champion of China meditates an hour per day according to Men's Health magazine.

Steven Seagal is quoted with “I have been doing serious meditation in my own pitiful way for probably twenty-seven years.”

Rapper Macklemore explained in a 40 minute interview on The Gene Dexter Show that he attended a 10 day Vipassana Meditation retreat led by S.N. Goenka. Finding it beneficial he made a song about it called "Vipassana".

Jerry Seinfeld star of the Seinfeld show and web show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee stated in 2012 that he had been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 40 years.

Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys.

Richard Gere and Lisa Simpson meditating.
Lisa Simpson a cartoon character from the Simpsons meditates in episode 6 of the 13th season. Homers co-workers Lenny and Carl are also seen in the episode, meditating in a Buddhist temple.

Albert Einstein, certified genius once said "The really valuable thing is intuition. Through meditation I found answers before I even asked the question."

Others include: Clint Eastwood, Tina Turner, Richard Gere, Leonard Cohen, Orlando Bloom, Tiger Woods, Keanu Reeves, Howard Stern, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey.