Here's the latest offering from Will and Jon entitled Smart Baby, feel free to share this video!

A Little Bit of Everything VIII

“A Little Bit of Everything VIII” Penticton Arts Council

I will have a small 11x14 mixed media piece entitled "Hey can I pet your cat?" on display at the “A Little Bit of Everything VIII” Annual Members Art Exhibit put on by the Penticton Arts Council. You can catch the show Feb 6th—Feb 28th, 2015 at the Leir House in Penticton located at 220 Manor Park Avenue. This is an annual Penticton Arts Council members show so there should be a wide variety of pieces in the exhibit. The opening is Feb 6th 7pm and the Exhibit is open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm. 

Thanks to Sharon Lawrence and everyone at Penticton Arts Council for putting on this show!

Person Takes Will Hoffman's Artwork!

On January 10th 2015 I noticed there was a Will Hoffman copycat artist, taking a few of my digital drawings and one paper illustration. On Instagram I was looking over the hashtag "#Penticton" when I came across my own art!
Copycat Will Hoffman Drawing
Here is the copy from Duuygubulut's Instagram.
I tapped the thumbnail image to get bigger and noticed the re-writing of the signature to say "d.b.". I looked through and found other pieces I had done! The Instagram page in question seemed to be from a young woman from Turkey who had followed my art, without actually following or liking any of the images she took. Her copycat trail was revealed when she even copied some of the hashtags I was using including "Penticton" hashtag!
Original "Tote" by Will Hoffman, digital doodle
Tote by Will Hoffman. Original digital drawing by the artist.
I reported the image she posted as an "intellectual property violation" on Instagram and told my friends to report the image as well! Thanks to them Instagram received at least 6 reports and now the account is no longer online.

If you wish to share my art I encourage you use the Share buttons in the "Virtual Gallery", you will notice that underneath each digital drawing are share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites. A hand-picked digital drawing from Will Hoffman's archive is added every week to the Virtual Gallery.

Work-In-Progress from the Open Studio

A mask or one of those snakes that eats eggs, Work In Progress by Will.

Dive in Work In Progress by Will Hoffman.

"Hey can I pet your cat?" Work In Progress by Will Hoffman.
Come on by and take a peek at some fresh paint. Studio is open Saturdays from 1-3pm at the Cannery, between Wallas Foods and Valentini's Cafe.

Open Studio Saturdays

Snakes Acrylic Painting by Will Hoffman
Hand puppet snakes, work in progress.
Come to the Cannery on Saturdays to see the latest work by Will Hoffman, the open studio dates are as follows:
January 3
January 10
January 17
January 24
January 31

The studio is located at #137 between Valentini's Cafe and Walla Foods.

New Illustrations in the 'Store'

I picked out the best illustrations in my studio and cropped them down to a size of 4"x6" so that they will fit easily in a standard photo frame.You can find these in the online 'Store'.

Gonna have to get up from this nap by Will Hoffman
That feeling where you're so cozy relaxing but have to get up for something!

Perception by Will Hoffman
Our thoughts seem to alter our perceptions, keep this original as a reminder!
Uh by Will Hoffman
The uncertainty that exists with being a human in this world.
Images were cut down to size using my handy mini paper slicer
These one-of-a-kind pieces are made with the highest quality acrylic paint available on upcycled book paper, find them on the online shop:

Thank you for checking out my work and following these updates!

The Business of Art Practice with Chris Tyrell

Will Hoffman Penticton Visual Artist

I'm pretty pumped to have signed up for The Business of Art Practice with Chris Tyrell, a 3 day course at the Shatford Centre in April.

Here's a blurb about the course:
The Business of Art Practice introduces you to basic professional skills that will be integral to your pursuit of a career in the visual arts. The course is focused on the business aspects of maintaining an independent art practice: record-keeping, seeking representation and exhibition, pricing, marketing, publicity and legal considerations. You will work on creating a basic business plan, as well as core portfolio materials, and will learn the basics of securing financial support, space, equipment and other professional resources.

I'm a big fan of Chris Tyrell's books and have found them helpful for my artist career. If you're interested in the course you can register online at:

Chris Tyrell's website:

Chris Tyrell's Visual Art Merchandising Blog: