"Innocent Wolf" Turns into "Defilements Don't Sleep"

Innocent Wolf Halo Painting by Will Hoffman
Innocent Wolf

Abstract Wolf Painting by Will Hoffman in the studio
Defilements Don't Sleep
The painting Innocent Wolf shows a wolf with a sly smile with sharp teeth. The idea here is that the wolf kills and is innocent in a way as it's just the wolfs nature to kill. As I worked on the painting it took on a new title called Defilements Don't Sleep, it shows the wolf in dream land even though it's dreaming the defilements of the wolfs mind are working round the clock. 

The Studio!
Today 10 people came to the open studio which was marvelous! Shoutout to Damaya, Wayne, Sophia, Jon, Sheena, Dean and everyone else who dropped by to see what was happening.


Will Yum Hoffman Penticton
Got this little guy sitting in the studio...

Art Process and Studio Pics February 15th

Work in Progress painting by Will Hoffman
Work In Progress, acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 by Will Hoffman
The open studio days on Saturdays has been working out great! What a wonderful little studio to get some painting done. I purchased some new acrylic paint and I'm loving how rich the colours are and how buttery smooth it is. In the above painting I'm forming some monsters and experimenting with lightening the colours with white. Another fascinating part of the painting in the studio on Saturdays is seeing who comes by to take a peek at the artwork. There are beautiful colours going on the canvas and beautiful people coming by. I love seeing what pieces people gravitate towards and the dialog that can be exchanged.

Work in Progress painting by Jon Pelletier
Work In Progress, acrylic on wood panel by Jon Pelletier.
Jon Pelletier has been creating these maze-like abstract stories with his brush and paint. It's inspiring to see Jon's work develop with interesting colour combinations and unconventional lines. You can see more of his abstract work at the open studio on Saturdays too.

Art Battle #220 in Penticton

Art Battle Penticton Poster
Thanks to my Grandpa’s Christmas money, I bought two tickets for me and my girlfriend Maki to see first ever Art Battle in Penticton Feb. 12th. You may be wondering what’s an art battle? An Art Battle is live competitive painting. Painters create the best work they can across three rounds of public painting. 

The audience vote for the winners of each round, and the single winner of each event. A few artists I know that are competing in the Art Battle are Jenny Long, Sarah Fahey, Endrené Shepherd and Jan Little.

It's amazing this big city event held in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax... is also going to happen in Penticton!

Art and Craft

Have you seen the documentary Art and Craft yet? It's a eyes-glued-to-the-screen type of film. It won the National Board of Review, USA Award for Top Five Documentaries in 2014.
"When one of the most prolific art forgers in US history is finally exposed, he must confront the legacy of his 30-year con."
Here's the trailer:

You can watch the full film on Amazon Here.


Here's the latest offering from Will and Jon entitled Smart Baby, feel free to share this video!

A Little Bit of Everything VIII

“A Little Bit of Everything VIII” Penticton Arts Council

I will have a small 11x14 mixed media piece entitled "Hey can I pet your cat?" on display at the “A Little Bit of Everything VIII” Annual Members Art Exhibit put on by the Penticton Arts Council. You can catch the show Feb 6th—Feb 28th, 2015 at the Leir House in Penticton located at 220 Manor Park Avenue. This is an annual Penticton Arts Council members show so there should be a wide variety of pieces in the exhibit. The opening is Feb 6th 7pm and the Exhibit is open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm. 

Thanks to Sharon Lawrence and everyone at Penticton Arts Council for putting on this show!